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HowTo add a participant to a launched room during an ongoing session

Users receiving an M206 error message means they have not been added to the room they are trying to access. This can be easily solved by adding them to that room before the session starts.

But when a room is already launched and the session has begun, there is still the possibility to add participants to the room (with obvious limitations in their use):

  1. Log in with the admin credentials and go to Session Management / Edit Room
  2. Add the user to the room in an empty seat and save changes
  3. The participant can now enter the room:
    1. He won’t receive the M206 error message anymore, as he is now a member of the room
    2. He will be able to completely follow the session: see videos and presentation, hear room and other participants speaking, and even write in the class chat
    3. But he won’t appear in wall, therefore he won’t be able to speak nor to raise the hand
      • This happens because he was not a participant at the moment of launching the room
  4. If refreshing wall or relaunching room, the participant will appear in wall and will be able to speak
    1. We strongly recommend not to do this during a live session
    2. Please check all users have been correctly added to room before session begins
  5. Note that the wall takes the “image” of the room at the moment of launching, it is not a dynamic “real time” distribution of seats.

Beware of entering a launched room during a session while being logged in with the admin credentials!

  • During a session, admin can enter his profile and even check accounts and analytics portal
  • He should never enter the room launched, not with the participant nor with the presenter link 
    • If so, Surface will receive an M300 error message!
      • Click back (not refresh!) in the Surface:
        • The Surface will go back to its previous state
        • The other device logged with the admin will receive the M300; close that tab

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