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Entering the Analytics portal, the info displayed in the Home Page corresponds to:

  • Live sessions              →    completed sessions

  • Scheduled sessions    →    scheduled sessions
    • it also counts the sessions currently taking place, as they have not been completed yet

  • Participants (not "Attendees")   →   total number of connections to all the sessions
    • i.e.: UserA has taken part in all three sessions, it should count as 3 connections

  • Active users                              →    unique participants for all filtered sessions

    • i.e.: UserA has connected to 3 sessions, this value should reflect 1 participant

  • Online learning hours                   →    total time of completed sessions

  • Average duration per session      →    average time of completed sessions

Analytics Portal - English language (there is a bug - “attendees” instead of “participants”, already reported)

Analytics Portal - English language (from 
guide, which is correct)

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