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Participant gets M300 error when trying to login to a session


Participant receives M300 error when trying to login to a session.


If you access a room from two different devices/browsers/tabs, the first page will display the mentioned error while the second remains connected to the session. For example, if you open a room on a mobile and then enter that same room on a PC, the mobile will receive the M300 error. The problem is the same when you enter that room on two different browsers or tabs.


You cannot enter the same room with the same user from two browsers/devices/ tabs.


Make sure the account is not in use on any other device and if it is, disconnect from the session and only keep the browser connected from the device that you want to use.

Alternatively, click the back arrow which will log back into the session login and out of the other browser.

Note: Do not refresh the browser as the same problem will occur

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