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Video not working on Lenovo devices

If the webcam is not working as a video feed within mashme.io on a Lenovo device, follow these steps to solve the issue:

Windows 7


1.-Open the Windows Start Menu and search "Lenovo- Web Conferencing"

2.-Once opened, start the camera and close the "Lenovo - Web Conferencing application"

Windows 8

1.-Open the Windows start menu

2.-Search for "Lenovo" and click "Lenovo Settings" If you do not have "Lenovo Settings", install it from the Microsoft Store

3.-Select the "Camera" tab at the top as shown below

4.-Scroll to the bottom of settings, and change the Privacy ModeOff

Windows 10

1.-Open the Windows start menu.

2.-Search for "Lenovo" and click Lenovo Vantage. If you don't have Lenovo Vantage, install it from the Microsoft Store

3.-Click Hardware Settings >Audio/Visual

4.-Scroll down and switch the Camera Privacy Mode toggle to Off

If the "Camera Privacy Mode" keeps changing to "On", check if your Lenovo laptop has a physical switch to enable or disable your camera. Make sure it is switched on. 

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