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Characters allowed in user emails

These are the characters allowed in user´s emails when adding them to a room:

  • Letters: from A to Z
  • Numbers: from 0 to 9
  • 5 special characters:     .    _    -    +     %
  •   No other symbols are valid such as   á   ü   /   &   etc                      
  • The platform displays “The format is not correct” message when trying to add an incorrect symbol
  • It does not accept accents
  • It does accept full stops
  • It makes no distinction between upper and lower case (currently, 16/Oct/2019, this is a bug under review)
  • Maximum number of total characters:
  • There is no limit for the subject of the email (it has been tested with as many as 100 characters and the system still accepts it)
  • There is a limit of 40 characters for the password
  • When trying to log in with a password with + 40 characters, the platform gives the error message “Wrong password” and does not allow you to log in.

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