Users do not connect correctly to a session


When trying to access a room, students do not see the presenter or classroom stream.

The student camera is not shown in the wall, the avatar has a circle around it

The student camera is shown in the student view for a brief period of time and then reverts back to the avatar.

Problem Clarification

Users cannot connect fully to a room using a specific network 


Websocket connection cannot be established successfully using a specific network due to the firewall in place.

The WebSocket connection should be established using STUN as the first option.

To debug further:

  • Refresh the student view
  • Select one of teh avilable streams 

  • Navigate to Conn-audio-1-0 (googCandidatePair) and expand
  • Check googLocalCandidateType, it should be either STUN or relay to be able to connect correctly



Verify with the network administrator that  firewall is not blocking STUN on port 19032, which is the one used by the Google STUN servers