How to create a room

  1. Log into using the Administrator credentials

  2. Go to the top-left corner and expand the user menu using the small triangle next to your name

  3. Select "Update Profile" to access the Accounts Portal.

  4. When the page loads, go to "Session Management" and click "New Room"

  5. Enter the Attributes of the room:
    • Room Name: unique name that will identify the room
    • Type: Room of future or Delegate Room
    • Room Capacity: the number of people that you desire in the room

  6. Once you have filled in the moderator details, you can add members to the room

    You can add members to a room in two ways:
    • Click on one of the boxes shown below and give the name and email address
    • Click "Multiple Input" and add more members at a time giving the same information following the format specified in the text box

  7. Once all the desired attributes have been completed, click "Create"

  8. The room will be now created and the associated launching code will be presented