Not all buttons are present when resizing the participant view

When resizing the screen some buttons become hidden, these are the available workarounds:

  1. When being in a room, you have 3-4 buttons on the middle upper part of the screen:
    Chat - Raise Hand - Camera - Mic (only visible with camera on)

  2. Resizing the screen (decreasing its width) will make its appearance similar to the mobile app:

  3. When trying to go back to the original size, the 2 right buttons (cam & mic) seem to have disappeared… but they have only moved to the right part of the cameras:

    The 2 grey bars on the right are in fact the cam (left) & mic (right) buttons

  4. There are two workarounds to this:

    • Refreshing -> you’ll miss some seconds of the session

    • Clicking on the right button (where the mic is supposed to be now; it turns red when the mouse is over it), activates for a sec your mic and takes you back to the right appearance:





NOTE: Clicking on the left button (where the camera is supposed to be now), does not work: it will only remove the right grey bar (the mic), which will appear after clicking the camera again