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How to use the Whiteboard capability of Surface in mashme

While in a mashme session, presenters can use the incorporated Microsoft Surface Whiteboard application as part of the training/course process.  Remote presenters can also install Microsoft Whiteboard as an additional Application.

To use the Surface Whiteboard, the presenter needs to use the Screen Sharing option of mashme, sharing either the whole screen or only the Surface Whiteboard app.

The Surface Whiteboard app can be opened from the quick launch options available that can be found either via the Microsoft Start Menu of the Surface device or the quick launch icon available on the Task Bar near the clock of the desktop.

While using the Microsoft Surface Whiteboard, the presenter cannot offer to participants the possibility of full collaboration as the application is a 3rd party and not included directly into the mashme platform.
By connecting the Whiteboard to an Office 365 account, the presenter is able to keep all of the whiteboard tiles, to share, export, save, and upload back to the room afterwards.
In addition to Whiteboard, Microsoft offers the option to annotate webpages or documents that have been opened in its Edge web browser.  This can be very useful when reviewing material such as a PDF file, where a presenter wishes to highlight and discuss certain elements, more details in the following solution article:

How to annotate a presentation using Microsoft Edge

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