When Running the Test Camera and Microphone seen in Test window, but not found in Connectivity

Whilst troubleshooting a user laptop, they could connect to a session in Chrome, but when turning their camera on, it did not show up.

We ran the new test: https://test.mashme.io/?verbose=true This showed that the camera and microphone that were being seen at the top could see an image and pickup audio. The results from the test stalled on Connectivity stating that the Camera and Microphone were unavailable. I then tried the test and connecting to the session in Firefox, which worked fine.
In Chrome, the Security settings were all set to Allow everything to the relevant mashme domains. In order to resolve this, we need to add mashme.io and syncrtc.com domains into the Trusted Sites within Windows itself (Internet Explorer Internet properties area). Now when accessing the session or the test site from Chrome, the Camera and Microphone can be found.