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How can a user join a session he has been invited to

When a user is invited to a session, if it is the first room where he/she was added to, the user will receive 2 emails from contact@syncrt.com:

1.The email with the user credentials. This email is containing the details that the user can use to access his/her account. The user name is the email address used for registration while the password will be one automatically generated by the system:

2.The second email received will be the one containing information about the session where the user was invited. This email, apart from the information and the specific layout personalised by the mashme client that is hosting the session, includes information about the test portal where the user can test the compatibility of his/her device and connection with mashme and a button that the user can click to join the session.

As can be seen in the email presented above, to go to the session, the user has to click the "Go To Room" button

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