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Can a session be edited once created?

When a new session is created, on the back end of the platform information about the session, the room, the participants and all the other components that will be used, are stored in or accessing different parts of a database.

Directly having the possibility of editing a session could mean having to review all the database records that such session creation is storing and/or accessing and if one little details is left behind that could easily lead to a database corruption.

More to this, trying to edit a session that already started but did not finish yet is even a worse case scenario that has even greater possibilities of database corruption.

For these reasons and to secure the integrity of the database and the platform, editing a session is not possible.

If a user needs to make changes to a session that was already registered but did not started yet, the user has to delete the session altogether and create a new one including the changes that he sees fit.

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