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Network Troubleshooting

If you are having networking issues, you may be seeing the following symptoms: 

you received a Connectivity error in https://test.mashme.io,
you cannot access the Mashme room,
are seeing disruption to all incoming Audio or Video connections,
repeated Reconnections on the platform  

Assumption: You are connected to the internet and can access websites such as





Please check the following:

Step 1: Please Try plugging your PC directly into the wifi router, if this is possible.
Reason: this is to remove any wifi related issues, including router signal problems, PC wifi card, Operating System drivers, or wireless interference from other networks, devices or obstacles such as walls.

Step 2:  If you cannot connect physically to the router, then please try moving as close to the wifi router as possible

Reason: this will remove disruption from walls in the way, and reduce the impact of other wireless network interference.

Step 3: If you have access to another network, or mobile phone tethering, please test the connection via this alternative connection.

Reason: this change allows for a different speed, quality, or latency on the alternative network, and potentially removes or changes the firewall you are routing through.

Step 4:  Check if your firewall and security settings are not blocking access.

Mashme requires the following network ports to access the platform:

TCP: 80 & 443 (for the chat and presentation part of the platform)

UDP: 36000-59999 (for the video and audio part of the platform)  


If you have a local Firewall on your PC, please add additional rules, or temporarily deactivate to test the connection.  Once checked, please re-enable it to maintain security.
Please also review the firewall rules on your network router, as this might be blocking by default and needs to be opened

Link to additional article on Windows Firewall Settings: 

How to see if Windows Firewall is blocking a port or program

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