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Connectivity Troubleshooting

If you receive an error in the "mashme.io and you" section in https://test.mashme.io, it means that the connection to the mashme repositories has failed.

Usually, this step fails if your connection and/or browser were limited by your system and network administrator.

To solve the issue and remove the limitation, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Please check with your system administrator that web sockets are enabled in your browser.


Step 2: Please contact your network administrator and ask him to enable traffic for the following domains and IP addresses.

Enable Traffic for the following domains:


  • ws.mashme.io
  • files.mashme.io
  • app.mashme.io
  • api.mashme.io
  • accounts.mashme.io
  • analytics.mashme.io
  • test.mashme.io
  • public-assets.mashme.io
  • private-assets.mashme.io
  • status.mashme.io


  • turn.syncrtc.com
  • kx.syncrtc.com
  • sentry.syncrtc.com


  • stun.l.google.com
  • freshchat.com
  • help.mashme.io
  • storage.googleapis.com

Allow websocket protocol.

Enable traffic from the following IP addresses: 


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