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Camera Troubleshooting

If you cannot activate your cam, cannot be seen in room or have received an error in the Camera section on the mashme test, please follow these steps one after another, until the issue is fixed:

Step 1 

Refresh mashme room

Depending on the computer settings and the browser used, changes may not be automatically applied after plugging/unplugging an external device; a page refresh will force it, solving the issue

Step 2

Make sure that the camera is correctly connected and turned on

Step 3

Check your system settings

Make sure your camera is configured correctly on your computer:

Step 4

Check that you have closed all other programs or applications that may be using your camera, such as:

  • Skype or Skype for Business   /   Facetime   /   Microsoft Teams   /   Zoom   /   ...
  • Any other browser tab or window using the camera                                     

Step 5

Make sure the camera is not covered (internally or externally)

Step 6

Check the browser and OS permissions, using our related articles:

Step 7

If after all these steps, the problem with the camera persists, please:

Contact us

If you are still experiencing issues, please let us know at mashme.io support

Provide us with the following info:

  • Browser version you are you using (browser menu / “About browser

  • Operating system (Mac/Windows/...) and version

  • Are there any particular websites you visit and experience camera problems?

    • If so, please add their URLs

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