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Speaker Troubleshooting

If you cannot hear the room but can see videos or if you have received an error in the Speaker section on the mashme test, please follow these steps one after another, until the issue is fixed:

Step 1

Refresh mashme room

Depending on the computer settings and the browser used, changes may not be automatically applied after plugging/unplugging an external device; a page refresh will force it, solving the issue

Step 2

Check sound on the device:

  • Make sure that the speaker is correctly connected and turned on

Check sound on the computer:

  • Double-check the mute option on the computer is not enabled

Check sound on the browser:

  • Confirm browser tab is not muted, right-clicking on it ("Unmute Site")

Step 3

Open another website like YouTube in a different tab; if no sound is playing, follow these recommendations:

  • Restart browser

  • Try using incognito mode

  • Clear your cache and cookies

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the browser installed

  • View the same website in another browser (e.g., Firefox) and see if sound plays

    • If sound still doesn’t play in other browsers, it may be an issue with your computer or device

  • For Windows users: check your sound mixer or audio settings (it is possible you have just the browser muted)

    • Click on the speaker icon in your system tray and click “mixer”

    • If there is a muted icon under the browser application, click on it to un-mute it

  • Make sure your sound drivers are up-to-date

Step 4

Other tips that typically resolve common issues with Chrome:

  • Check for malware, as unwanted programs can interfere with Chrome

  • Check for any unfamiliar plugins installed on Chrome

    • Type chrome://plugins into the address bar and disable any sound related plugins

  • View the same web pages in Chrome Beta or Chrome Canary and see if you still run into the same sound issue

  • Try uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling its latest version

  • If you’re using an antivirus or firewall software, make sure Chrome is trusted or allowed by these programs

    • You can also try temporarily disabling the antivirus/firewall and see if this resolves the issue

Step 5

If after all these steps, the problem with the speaker persists, please:

  • contact your hardware manufacturer and/or
  • use a different audio output device

Contact us

If you are still experiencing issues, please let us know at mashme.io support

Provide us with the following info:

  • Browser version you are you using (browser menu / “About browser

  • Operating system (Mac/Windows/...) and version

  • Are there any particular websites you visit and experience sound problems?

    • If so, please add their URLs

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