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How do I use the chat?

The chat is one of the components of student view that can be used so the participants can interact between each other or with the presenter of the room.  

The chat will appear by default on the left of your screen in the student view:

1. To write on the chat, click on the lower box situated on the chat component and start writing:

2. You can add emoticons, using the emoticons icon on the writing box of the chat:

3. You can also mention any participant in a room, typing “@” in the chat box and selecting the contact in the popup:

4. You can chat only with the presenter (and remote presenter/s) in the room, selecting the option on the chat:

5. The chat can be toggled on/off using the chat icon located at the top of the screen (this will not deactivate your camera or microphone); it is on by default:

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