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Which browsers are compatible with WebRTC?

You can currently use mashme.io with Google Chrome (version 64 and above), Mozilla Firefox (Quantum version and above) and Safari (version 15.1 and above). 

  • To check if Google Chrome is up to date, go to your Chrome browser / About Google Chrome
  • To check if Mozilla Firefox is up to date, go to your Mozilla Firefox browser / About Firefox.
  • To check if Safari is up to date, go to your Safari browser / About Safari.

Recommended Browsers

  • On a Windows computer (desktop or laptop)   →   Chrome
  • On a Mac computer (desktop or laptop)   →   Chrome
  • On an Android mobile device (smartphone or tablet)   →   Chrome
  • On an iOS mobile device (smartphone or tablet)   →   Safari   (Chrome/Firefox not supported)

To have the best experience, use a Chrome browser running on a Windows or Apple computer.

 "Browser not supported" page

If you are not using one of the browsers mentioned above, you will be presented with a "Browser not supported" screen:

There are two options to avoid such issue:

  • Right-click and copy link on the Go To Room button in the invitation email
  • Copy the link embedded in the text box of the "Browser not supported" page:
    • either by clicking on the "Copy" button
    • or selecting the string in the text box and copying using keyboard shortcuts.

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