Microphone troubleshooting

If you receive an error for the microphone section in test.mashme.io please check the following:

Step 1:  Check your system settings

Make sure your microphone is the default recording device, and that recording levels are correct:



If the device you want to use is correctly configured go to Step 2 and Step 3

Step 2: Check that you have closed all other programs that may be using your microphone. These could include:                   

         -Skype or Skype for Business
         -Another browser tab or window                            

         -Audio recording software    

Step 3: If you’re using a headset, make sure the mute switch on the cord is off. Also, make sure you aren't muted on the website                    

If after completing these steps the test results are not satisfactory, there might be a problem with the permissions in Chrome/Firefox

Step 4: Check the  browser permissions

            Using Google Chrome:

                            -Open Chrome.

                            -Go to test.mashme.io and mashme.io site

                                        -When prompted, choose Allow 

                            -To change a microphone permissions

                                        -Open Chrome .

                                        -At the top right, click More More and then Settings.

                                        -At the bottom, click Advanced.

                                        -Under "Privacy and security," click Content settings.

                                        -Click Camera or Microphone.

                                        -Turn Ask before accessing on

                            More information available in Chrome KB

                            Google Chrome use your camera & microphone

         Using Mozilla Firefox: 

                        -Click on the site identity icon (the lock symbol) 

                        in the address bar.

                        -Choose Allow on each menu next to Use the Microphone:

                        -Click anywhere on the web page to close the menu, 

                        then click the Retry button.


    Step 5 If after all these steps, the microphone is not working please 

                contact your hardware manufacturer and/or use a different 

                input device