User receives an error when trying to log into a room

User receives an email with the link to access the room, performs the requested tests at and everything is working correctly.

Nevertheless, when trying to access the room, one of the following errors is presented:

1. "Preroom permisions error"

This error is generated when the user's email address has not been added to the room which is trying to access. To solve this issue, please reach out to the room administrator so your user can be included to the room.

2. "Error initializing frontpage stuff"

This error is generated when the user have the same room opened in another browser window or tab or in another device. For security reasons, a user can access one specific room only from one tab/browser/device. If this error is appearing, log out from all tabs, devices and sessions that you previously logged in with and open the room only from one device and browser window/tab making sure that the room is not opened on another tab/browser window or device. If the error persists after trying the above step, contact us at